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animated gif modification

Online Picture REDUCTION

vue   poilus 1914-1918

When you obtain an image from a scanner or a camera, it's often too important in size and weight, so it can be refused by a forum server or by your correspondant. If you don't want or cannot install a soft on the hard disk, you can easily reduce ONLINE your picture so it's measurements are 400 pixels and 40 k max., with only 3 clicks. So you can reduce by resizing pictures up to 8 megabytes. .

Thanks to my users of using this simple online routine. It's possible for you, keeping in mind the same philosophy online, to use if you want to resize your picture with YOUR measurements, and to save your new picture in png, gif or your so well known jpg format.

With , you can handly resize your animated gif, choosing your wanted length and width, for example to produce your avatars, or in percentage, or lighten them without modifications of previous dimensions, or create some standard special effects: rotation, or flipping, black and white, cropping, changing velocity.

With you can create, with some clicks, an animated gif , animation from your personnal photographs. And the forum for your questions, your comments, your suggestions.



Picture Reduction
It's the first step: look for your picture gif,png ou jpeg

It's the second step: one click for validation

The third step: in order to insert your new light picture, with jpg extension on to hard disk, or USB key, right click upon the picture, save as, ie....

The fourth step is not necessary; since you have your picture inserted , you can hide it from the site.

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